Press on error management

2016 16 Aug
Harvard Business Manager

"Hierarchien sind Gift" - An interview with Jan U. Hagen on harmful patterns and the slow learning process in business.

2016 09 Aug

"Was Unternehmer von Piloten lernen können" - An interview with Jan Hagen on Crew Resource Management.

2016 05 Jul
The Economist

"Managing corporate crises before they happen" - This article quotes Jan Hagen on effective crisis management.

2016 30 Mar
Compliance Manager

"Die Kunst, Chef zu sein" - The article quotes Jan Hagen on error management.

2015 11 Aug
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Hierarchien begünstigen Fehler" – An article by Jan Hagen.

2015 18 Jun

"Buchtipp: 'Fatale Fehler‘" - Short video about the book ‘Confronting Mistakes’ by Jan Hagen.