Private Investment - What's the Holdup?

By Rajshri Jayaraman and Daniel Leigh

Presentation of the IMF’s April 2015 World Economic Outlook at ESMT

Speaker: Daniel Leigh, Deputy Division Chief, Research Department, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Moderator: Rajshri Jayaraman, Associate Professor of Economics, ESMT

Why has private investment been so weak in recent years? This key question will be discussed by Daniel Leigh, Deputy Division Chief at the Research Department of the IMF, in his presentation of the International Monetary Fund’s April 2015 World Economic Outlook (WEO). The WEO is a survey analyzing global economic developments.

Daniel Leigh’s research interests are in international macroeconomics, with a focus on fiscal and monetary policy. He holds a PhD in economics from Johns Hopkins University and an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics. Leigh has numerous publications in journals such as the Journal of the European Economic Association and the American Economic Review. Furthermore, he has written several chapters of the IMF’s World Economic Outlook.


Banking and Finance, Operations

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