Back to Strategy October 17, 2014

Podcast with Olaf Plötner on "Bringing Technology to Market"

Counter Strategies explores the situation of technology-based companies in global B2B markets. New customer segments in these fast developing economies and up-coming low-cost competitors have ruptured the market landscape and challenge established suppliers. To keep their leading role, companies like Siemens, GE, Alstom, Mitsubishi, as well as many mid-sized companies in the developed countries, need to change the very characteristics – product focus, technical sophistication, and high-end quality – that previously made them strong. They either have to develop new products that fit the growing demand of the new customer segments or create market barriers by developing complex service solutions, or both. Given the problems regarding product development, pricing, branding, sales-force management, development of employees' skills, company organization and culture which are going to follow these changes and disruptions, Ploetner draws a new blueprint for global B2B-companies and the mindsets of those thriving there.

Show and Tell

Competition Policy, Operations, Strategy

Professional Service Firms, Technology Based Industries

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